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Insect-deal.com is a marketplace to sell and buy insects.

Sellers are 100% responsible of the content of their listings, we cannot check thoroughly all auctions.

Sellers must respect local and international laws.

In order to protect our buyers who may not know all international laws about insect trade :
- the sale of protected species is forbidden on Insect-deal.com
- the sale of CITES I species is forbidden,
- the sale of CITES II species must be done with CITES II permits numbers only.

Sellers must respect these simple rules or their listing will be deleted by admin (when seen) and their accound can be closed too.

If you see some inadequate listings on Insect-deal.com, please inform asap the admin : admin@insect-deal.com

There is no fee for buyers.

There is a final value fee of 4% for sellers only if the item is sold, otherwise it is free. There is no insertion fee.

If you have any question, please contact us : admin@insect-deal.com